Bringing highly developed products to
the world through imagination and
reliable technology.

Environmental friendly and
stable tests made possible by
dry-type generator load test machines.

We develop,design,build,
and offer rental services
for our products.

AKASHI 4 Core Projects

Electric generator load test device

Testing on ships is possible

Eectric generator

We development with University and Industrial Tecnology Center

Material test device

It can highest-precision basic data acquisition possible

Automatic control device

We flexibly support every sort of control system


Akashi Electric Machinery Co., Ltd is expanding the limits of imagination and technical power by our consistent effort in asking ourselves what we need to improve.
Through our long time study and experience in producing mechatronic products, our controlling systems and testing systems are highly-esteemed and trusted in a variety of industrial fields.
We also emphasize the development of a comfortable living environment, in harmony with our motto, “in harmony with nature”. Using our fertile imagination and reliable technology, we would like to develop and offer versatile products.

Akashi Electric Machinery Co., Ltd


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