Are the operation and setting load levels easy?
It’s simple for everyone, because of using a liquid crystal touch panel.
How much is the maximum distance of operation from the handy terminal?
Up to 300m (An optional cable is needed.)
Is continuous use possible?
No limit for continuous use (However, it effects the lifespan)
Is continuous variability for load capacity possible?
Instant variability in minimum 1kW units is possible.
What is the range of the operating temperature?
The range is -10℃~50℃.
What is the range of the operating voltage?
The standard-type is 450V of three-phase alternating current, but other kinds of voltage are also applicable.
During operation, how high is the heated air rejection temperature?
Depending on the capacity, approximately 80~150℃.
Is outdoor use possible?
All weather conditions (Except severe storms)
What kind of advantage does RESI-MASTER have in comparison with sea water circulation types?
Unlike sea water circulation types, fixtures and fittings are unnecessary, and the durability is longer.
Can you produce customized products?
We handle design through production by ourselves. Please feel free to inquire.
What is the life-expectancy?
Depending on home much use it gets, between 5 and 10 years.


What fluid can be used?
Sea water. Since this product is for ship machinery generator testing, sea water is used as a resistive element.
Is any sea water adequate?
Any sea water is adequate. However, using water near rivers or industrial discharge areas would bring inaccurate test results.
Why is using water there ineffective?
The standard level of sea water for the test is 30‰~40‰ salt level (salt volume in sea water) and 30Ω/cm of resistivity. Lower salt levels make resistivity higher; as a result the current will be decreased. On the other hand, if the salt level is too high, sea water temperatures will increase rapidly. This causes overloading and dangerous conditions.
Is 6600V of high voltage safe?
No. The machine is for low voltage (MAX. 600V). Use the RESI-MASTER series for high voltage.
What is the minimum acquisition capacity?
100kW from sea water use, 10kW from sea water mixed with freshwater use.
How many meters of load wire?
Up to 100m considering voltage depression.
What happens if the wire is over 100m?
The line voltage decrease of the tank main body’s terminal housing causes problems. Please choose size and number of cables, which don’t cause over 10V of line voltage decrease.
Please give a simple explanation of the structure.
This product uses the main body of the tank as the neutral point, dividing its circular tank into three sections. In each section, poles are fixed to the supports on the surface of the tank via insulating insulators. By influx of sea water between the poles and the tank wall, a three-phase star connection is created. Each section has a drain attached to the slide pipes on the bottom. These slide pipes control sea water levels in the tank by controlling the height of the drain outlets. According to the underwater pole area (water level), the load capacity is calculated to conduct the test.
What feed water method can be used?
A submersible pump or feed water equipment on a ship.
What drain method can be used?
Generally, discharged water is effused to the sea through the drainage in the tank using a hose.
What is the discharged water temperature?
The temperature depends on conditions. The recommended temperature is 40℃~50℃.
What will happen if the temperature is over 40℃~50℃.
The water temperature in the tank may be higher than the discharged water. Resistor temperature coefficient of fluids is minus, if the temperature increases, resistance value will decrease. As a result, over-current leads to short circuits, which can result in dangerous situation.
What are some precautions of use?
As you probably already know, this product is using sea water, so careful maintenance after use is important. Especially the slide pipes need careful maintenance. Rusty pieces from the inside wall of the tank make the pipes rusty or blocked. These can cause operation disturbance.
What is the life-expectancy?
Depending on home much use it gets, between 5 and 10 years.
Can paint be applied to the inside of an aquarium?
No, because the unit is the neutral point.

About Generator

What is characteristic of this product?
It generates electricity at slow rotation (ex: 600rpm)
What type of generator is it?
3φ It produces 7kVa~100kVA.
What happens at high efficiency?
More energy is created with fewer materials, saving resources and energy. This is great for the environment.
The number of rotations seem to be low. What gives?
Our company specializes in low rotation generators.
What are the applications?
We have considered motors that require slow rotation. For example, wind powered and hydraulic motors.
Can you make products with specifications other than the products introduced here?
We build our products from the design up. Please consult with us.

Material Tester

How many kinds of creep testing machines are there?
4 kinds of machines. Each loading capacity is 10,30,50,and 300(kn)
Can you produce machines, which have customized capacities?
Yes, we can. Custom made is our original business style.
What is the lever ratio of the load capacity source?
1:10 for 10, 30, 50(kn) and 1:100 for 300(kn)
What is the design of the weight?
After discussion, we can decide on the design.
What kind of electric furnaces should we use for high-temperature tests?
Size and number of the test pieces depend on each tests conditions, decision is made after discussion.
What kind of stretch detection is used?
Basic average method using 2 differential transformers.
What instrument data-processing systems can you offer?
We can offer data-processing systems which we developed.
Basic Specifications
1)Recording: Up to 8 testing machines can operate at the same time
2)Data rectification
4)Data saving
5)Others: saving the recorded and analyzed data to NAS.
More details are available; please request a specification document.
Do you supply any other testing machines?
We have been producing testing machines requested from our customers, such as relaxation testing machines, rotary bending fatigue testing machines, as well as thermal cycle testing machines. Please feel free to contact us, if there are any questions. We will respond sincerely to your inquiry to ensure that our customers receive good service.


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