Corporate Profile

Corporate Name Akashi Electric Machinery Co., Ltd
TEL/FAX Tel:+81-93-293-6911
Address 1688-2, Onizu, Oaza, Onga-cho, Onga-gun, Fukuoka 811-4341 Japan
Established January 1953
Capital 10,000,000 yen
President&Representative Director Chikara Mauchi
Banking Correspondent Kitakyusyu Bank Yahata Minami Branch
Corporate Motto Working hard for society&people
Corporate Principle Trying to see things from a broader perspective.
Corporate Philosophy Corporate success can contribute to an individual's happiness and individual progress can bring corporate prosperity.


・How to get to Akashi Electric Machinery Co., Ltd:10 minutes by taxi from "JR Ongagawa Station" to "Akashi Electric Machinery Co., Ltd"

Corporate Development

January 1953 Hiroshi Akashi established Akashi Electric Machinery Factory.
April 1963 Manufacturing breakers and voltage transformers for coal mines begun.
June 1966 Seibu Electric&Machinery Co., Ltd. order monorail stacker control devices (The first Japan Multi-level Automated Storage)
July 1968 The circuit breaker was patented as a new utility model (Patent No.8570735)
September 1978 With the death of Hiroshi Akashi, the business was incorporated with 5,000,000 yen in capital.
March 1982 A new factory was added. The Electric Department and the Machinery Department were separated.
October 1983 The load tank was patented as a new utility model (Patent No.1511352)
March 1984 The load tank was awarded the “Yuryo Prize” from the Fukuoka Prefecture Inventions Examining Committee.
December 1984 Subsidy for technological development for small and medium-sized enterprises was granted.
March 1986 The new building for the main office was completed.
July 1988 Subsidy for support business of accelerated technology development was granted.
July 1990 Subsidy for technology improvement was granted.
October 1991 The capital was increased to 10,000,000 yen.
December 1992 The main office and factory was moved to Onga-cho Fukuoka Prefecture.
February 1993 The corporate name was changed to Akashi Electric Machinery Co., Ltd.
March 1995 The trade contract regarding the Solar Illuminating Lamp was signed with Yuasa Corporation.
May 1997 The trade contract regarding the Solar Sign was signed with Kensoh Corporation
July 2002 The development of generator load testing machines was approved under the Law Concerning Measures for the Promotion of the Creative Business Activities of Small and Medium Enterprises. ( 14 Sanshinko No. 202)
June 2003 The company was approved as an Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration Research & Development Project under the Creating New Industry Foundation.(No.154)
July 2006 Our “development project of high convergence and energy density type generators” was selected as an Innovative Technology Development Research Project
September 2006 Sales start Dry-type Load Testing Machines「RESI-MASTER」
January 2012 Rebtal start Dry-type Load Testing Machines「RESI-MASTER」
October 2016 Established Akashi Rental Co.,Ltd. Strengthen Rental Division


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Akashi Electric Machinery Co., Ltd
1688-2, Onizu, Oaza, Onga-cho, Onga-gun,Fukuoka 811-4341 Japan
TEL:+81-93-293-6911 FAX:+81-93-293-6915